OpenBSD -stable

What is the -stable branch?

The -stable branch is one of OpenBSD's three flavors. It consists of the release and errata patches. More precisely:

Getting -stable source code

To obtain the -stable tree for a particular release of OpenBSD, you can update on top of a pre-existing source tree or you can check out a fresh source tree from an AnonCVS server.

Do not attempt to go from one release to another via source. Instead, please follow the upgrade guide for the release before compiling -stable.

Building OpenBSD -stable

Details on building OpenBSD from source are provided in steps 2 and 3 of the release(8) manual. There is also an FAQ on building the system. If you have a number of machines to keep on the -stable branch, you may wish to make a release.

Rebuild the kernel and reboot

Replace GENERIC with GENERIC.MP for multiprocessor systems.
# cd /sys/arch/$(machine)/conf
# config GENERIC
# cd /sys/arch/$(machine)/compile/GENERIC
# make clean && make && make install
# reboot
If your system has trouble booting the new kernel, you can easily go back and reboot from the old kernel, now called obsd.

Rebuilding the userland

# rm -rf /usr/obj/*
# cd /usr/src
# make obj && make build